Nootropic supplements that make you smarter

Known by many names, nootropics are beneficial in stimulating brain functioning and mental ability. With regular use, you can improve concentration, focus, memory, and cerebral agility. There are several nootropic supplements that are beneficial in making you smarter. The following paragraphs discuss a few of these supplements and their advantages.

Huperzine – A is an effective chlolinesterase inhibitor, which is the compound that inhibits the acetylcholine breaking down enzyme. Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter within the brain that controls information flow while retaining memory. Using Huperzine – A provides a noticeable improvement in remaining alert, intellectual clarity, focusing ability, and boosting long and short term memory.


DMAE is a widely used and popular supplement in the skincare industry. This supplement is also very effective for the mind when used in an oral form. DMAE boosts the choline levels in the body, which increases the production of acetylcholine. This is an important neurotransmitter that controls the electrical impulses and acts as a messenger within the brain. When the level of this vital neurotransmitter increases, you will receive a concentration inducing result helping you be more alert and boosting the intellectual dexterity.

Phosphatidyl Serine is one of the best nootropic supplements and has proven benefits. During a clinical study, this compound was shown to improve general knowledge, memory, and focus among older people. This compound is a part of the brain’s cell structure and is important for the accurate functioning of the organ. This supplement is capable of stimulating and fortifying brain cells resulting in focus and rejuvenation.

Vinpocetine has been effective in treating brain disorders like dementia. The supplement slightly dilates the blood cells increasing the blood flow providing more oxygen, vitamins, and nutrients to the brain. This in turn results in improving the brain functioning, which improves your ability to concentrate, focus, and enhances your memory.

The Ungagged Conference

What does Ungagged mean?

 We all crave freedom of speech and have the right to it in most countries around the world, but there are still places and companies that censor what their employees or people can say in a contextual setting. Hearing the truth and learning about what is really going on is a human trait, we are over-inquisitive about things that go on and new strategies for keeping in tandem with the fast paced world; be it in technology, science or even humanitarianism. Ungagged means lifting of the “gag” that exists and allowing one to speak freely and openly about their views and opinions, without any censorship regarded on them.

What happens at the SEO Internet Marketing Conference?


 This is a social platform that allows people from across the world to come and share their real –life and honest opinions of business savvy thinkers. This conference allows them to be as open and direct on how one should allow their business to boom and what are the best marketing strategies, without any hidden information. They constitute of people from different backgrounds with different stories and that are now leading the online-marketing world with their e-tech solutions; ex drug-dealers to military men, all come and give their views, with no bias and fear of censorship. It’s a place where you hear the truth straight from the horse’s mouth, without any kind of control in their speech or pre-rehearsed statements.

Why this one is different?

There are actually conferences that you might have attended and thought, “Wow! This was a good place to come! These guys are so steadfast and honest with us”. That might not be the case, because many Internet Marketing Conference organizers warn their guests not to speak about a certain topic or raise an opinion over a sensitive issue, or just stay mum when approached, so that they do not get bad publicity for their speakers being brutally truthful and debatable. Well, this conference is like no other, we have invited engaged speakers that will give it to you as it is, no sugar-coated truth.

Furthermore, it will allow you to gain free SEO tools needed for you to grow your business, and allow more foot traffic to your company’s website, so that you can also be a champion at online marketing. This is one of the greatest daises to gain free knowledge from the crème de la crème.